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It is a chilly and sunny day. What a commotion! You hear birds chirping like it is a bird music festival. You peek outside your window to see. Brown birds, yellow birds, blue birds, black birds . . . they are all flying, looping, and landing on the sunflowers. It is a field of sunflowers … Continue reading


It is a warm and sunny day. You are in a meadow, walking. You hear the swish of the flowers as they brush your knees. The petals tickle your skin. The ground is firm under your feet. You stop and face the sun and close your eyes. The sunlight is warm on your cheeks and … Continue reading


It is a cold and clear day. It is only late afternoon, but it is almost dark. You get bundled up and go outside. You march out the door, take a few steps, and hoot out into your yard. Hoot! Hoot! Footprints, snow tunnel, fallen branches, squirrel nest, milkweed pods, icicles. This is your world … Continue reading

Sand and Toes

It is a warm and sunny day. Your toes are sinking into the soft sand. They are getting colder as you dig down with your big toes and then . . . kick! The sand goes flying, spraying your shoulders and out into the space around you, like shimmering stars. Each little grain of sand … Continue reading


It was a warm and sunny day. But it feels like a dark cloud is following you wherever you go; you are feeling gloomy. So even though the sun was shining, you are not smiling. You feel sad and mad today. You drag yourself out of the house and the sky is blue blue blue. … Continue reading

The Edge

It is a cold and cloudy day. You get out of your car, bundled up for a walk. A welcoming cool breeze brushes your cheek. You zip your jacket to the neck and start walking the path. You begin to notice the things around you. Steep banks, the river below. Brown trees, tan oak leaves dangling. The river … Continue reading


It is a cold and sunny day. Everywhere you look it is white. The ground is white and glistening with sunshine sparkles. The trees are layered, dark and white. You are walking along a wide path. All around you is quiet, still, white. A flock of black birds fly overhead, calling: Caw! Caw! They land … Continue reading

Squirrel party

It is a warm and sunny day. You are watching a squirrel. It is sitting on top of a pumpkin, sharp-clawed paws holding a piece and nibbling, tail curled and twitching. The squirrel finishes the last bite, looks around, and goes bounding for a tree, up, up. There is another squirrel going down, down. They … Continue reading


It is a warm and sunny day. You are walking in a meadow with your family. It is near sunset. You are gathering large branches. Together you first drag them and then stack them carefully. You are building a bed. There are many layers of branches. Then, you add layers of think blankets and sleeping … Continue reading

Circle of air

It is a bright and chilly day. You are outside at your favorite place. Look around you. Turning slowly, draw a circle with your eyes, around you as far as you can see. What do you see? Notice what parts of nature you can name. Notice what you do not know. Listen. What do you hear? … Continue reading