It is a chilly and sunny day. What a commotion! You hear birds chirping like it is a bird music festival. You peek outside your window to see. Brown birds, yellow birds, blue birds, black birds . . . they are all flying, looping, and landing on the sunflowers. It is a field of sunflowers right in your own backyard. The birds are having a harvest party! They know when the seeds are ready to eat . . . they smell them, they see them, and they know. They eat them! The seeds are oh so yummy and delicious as they snap open the shell and the rich and tender seed bursts with flavor. The birds sing, they eat, and they dance with each other, over and over, so happy for the fall feast. You watch, and you want some sunflower seeds too, but you stay your distance. You honor their place as first. You will have your sunflower seeds, perhaps tomorrow, when it is your turn, and if there are any left! You watch the dancing, chatting, eating birds a bit longer. And then you turn and walk to go back inside, the warmth of the sun on your back.