When children are surrounded by the simple and magnificent beauty of nature, they develop an awareness of themselves and their place in the world. They hold nature like a treasure and honor the spirit that it contains.  In turn, the community also embodies this value and celebrates all life, always. 

Playing in nature allows children much needed time to discover how things relate, change, and flow. Children build their skills: they use their minds, their bodies, and their spirits to navigate through nature’s unexpectedness. They mimic the strength and resiliency. They intrinsically understand the patterns. They are endlessly wondering and in awe.

However, the reality is that often we are unable to provide long periods of free time in nature for our children. Instead, much of what is provided is planned, structured, supervised, and managed. We offer these things with all our heart, to provide safe, enriching experiences. But it is stressful.

Many Ways to See the Sun is a book which is part of a larger vision to find ways for families to spend more time with nature and to develop a mindfulness about our place in that relationship. The stories in the book are for anyone, but they are especially for kids, and for the adults who care for them. Written with the child’s perspective in mind, these simple guided meditations can be read out loud or silently. Also part of this project are opportunities to learn together in a group using the stories as tools to tap into our own creativity. However you participate, I hope you enjoy them for the love of hearing a story. I also hope you enjoy them deeply too. Each story is a chance to imagine, to be surrounded by nature.

I’ve created an interactive workbook with activities to get children outside in nature. It can be downloaded for free here: Nature Workbook for Kids.

If you are interested in a guided experience, I would be happy to come and share my book in person. I have lots of art, nature, and writing projects that go along with the book. More details are here: Classes.