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The Senses, Part Two

We delight in the five senses. In writing we are told to show, don’t tell, and this includes description which invokes the senses: It is a cool and rainy day. You watch the rain as it drops, darkening tree branches, making puddles on the ground, and sprinkling dots on your window. Can you see and … Continue reading

Awaken All Your Senses

Ah, winter… a season for the senses. At this time of year, when I step outside I can’t help but notice the bite of the wind or the chill through my jacket.  The coldness often keeps me inside by the fire, sipping tea. Have you heard of forest bathing or forest therapy? I agree that … Continue reading

Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Some might include: Concentration meditation: uses focus to achieve higher states of consciousness  Mindfulness meditation: awareness and living in the moment Contemplative meditation: aims to bring about change through prayer Many Ways to See the Sun uses a type of meditation called guided imagery meditation. Guided imagery uses visualization to direct … Continue reading

Create your own story

What is the value of a story? Perhaps a story is… for fun to entertain keeps us in the present moment or it transcends time sparking creativity and activating the imagination helping us to problem solve teaches and could be profound. Stories are everywhere. There are very old ones, and new. Some have a formula … Continue reading

Our Ancestors

A finale of such bounty, and with an explosion of intense beauty, we surrender to the end. It is fall. The sun shines less brightly, and we hurry to enjoy the abundance. Consider all that is around us and our many blessings. We receive so much; it is necessary to be grateful. All we are … Continue reading


Did you know that November has recently been declared National Gratitude Month? Find out more: Information on how Gratitude Month started. We receive so much; it is good to be grateful. Have you ever stopped to think about all of the blessing you have accumulated throughout your life? All we are is because of what came before … Continue reading

Imagination and comprehension

The openness of summer ends and kids adjust to more structure – a different kind of play. The structure of homework, buses, teachers giving lessons, and bells mix with giggles, romping in groups, and time set aside for magical stories. It is that time of year again and schools are opening their hopeful doors. Story is … Continue reading

Invitation from nature

Have you ever taken a moment to close your eyes to remember a special place in nature that you loved as a child? What did it look like? How did it feel? What did you do there? Were there distinct smells? What was the light like? Were you alone or who was with you? Have … Continue reading