It was a warm and sunny day. But it feels like a dark cloud is following you wherever you go; you are feeling gloomy. So even though the sun was shining, you are not smiling. You feel sad and mad today. You drag yourself out of the house and the sky is blue blue blue. Your feet are like boulders as you walk to your favorite tree. Poor old tree, the wind broke a branch in the storm last night. You hug your tree. You sit down and take a good look at the broken branch. It is dark except for the white end where it was broken. The wood smells so fresh there. And it is soft, you can make a mark there with your nail. What to do with this beautiful broken limb? You think and think and think but no ideas. Grr. You are tired and sad and bored. You lie down under your tree. You feel a breeze across your face. How much time has passed? You are still gloomy! The birds fly, the ants are working, the wind is playful, the sun keeps shining – all around you, life is busy. “What do I do?” you shout, “Nothing!” You feel lonely. You cry. For a bit. You take a breath, a breath, a breath, another breath. Your feel the sun. You feel the warm glow in your heart too. Look all round you. You belong to all of this. It is your place too; it wraps you in an invisible hug. You feel that hug. The earth holds you and you are loved.