It is a warm and sunny day. You are walking in a meadow with your family. It is near sunset. You are gathering large branches. Together you first drag them and then stack them carefully. You are building a bed. There are many layers of branches. Then, you add layers of think blankets and sleeping bags. You try it out. It is surprisingly springy and soft. One more layer on top – the humans! You all crawl into your sleeping bags. It is getting chilly and your sleeping bag is cozy. You watch as the sky changes and then it is night. You notice yet another layer – above you, a blanket of stars. You are far from city lights and it is very dark, except for the stars. You see many many more than you can count. You look. Can you pick out the brightest star? Notice clusters of stars. Is that a star or a planet? Find your favorite constellation. Where is the moon? The sky is your storyteller tonight. Your eyes begin to feel heavy as your mind is filled with the stories of the stars and sky. And before you know it, you are asleep, dreaming of your own stories.

Audio Reading of Stars