Squirrel party

It is a warm and sunny day. You are watching a squirrel. It is sitting on top of a pumpkin, sharp-clawed paws holding a piece and nibbling, tail curled and twitching. The squirrel finishes the last bite, looks around, and goes bounding for a tree, up, up. There is another squirrel going down, down. They begin to chase each other, around and around the tree. Then a leap and they go their separate ways. Several squirrels scurry around on the ground and in the trees. They are busy! Burying nuts, darting, dodging, so quick . . . leaping, chasing, looking, finding . . . then sitting for a moment. Break open a nut and eat the delicious meat inside. All the squirrels are doing this. It is a squirrel party. And you like to party too.