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Bird message

It is a cool and breezy day. You are bundled up with your hat and mittens and scarf. You feel warm. You are walking along a path, trees on both sides. The leaves crunch under your feet. The sun is shining. You look up. The tree branches are bare and seem dark against the pale┬ásky. … Continue reading

The wind blows

It is a hot and sunny day. Your clothes are sticking to you. You go outside in search for a swim. You are walking down a path to a lake you see it in the distance, it is sparkling. You start to run. You run into the water, creating a wave, and then splash, you … Continue reading

You are the world

It is a warm and sunny day. The sun is shining on your face like you are the world. Our precious earth world is over four billion years old. It sits in a universe even older. You are that universe world. Your face is a special star, many stars shining. Feel your heart beat out … Continue reading