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Praise for Many Ways to See the Sun:


Many Ways to See the Sun has the vitality of Nature herself. Filled with imaginative and engaging stories that lead the reader to the heart of life. Both children and adults will enjoy this heartfelt book’s delightful adventures. —Joseph Bharat Cornell, author of Sharing Nature and The Sky and Earth Touched Me

Many Ways to See the Sun is a work of art and spirit.  It brings nature to children wherever they might be and deepens this essential and nourishing bond.  Stunning.  A book for every classroom, home, and childhood program. —Kathleen Melin, Author/Educator, By Heart:  A mother’s story of children and learning at home

Come and join with me as we turn these pages with the turns of the seasons. We’ll join the singing birds at sunrise and splash with the fish in a sparkling lake. Then we’ll swish through fallen leaves, join in the squirrels’ nut-eating party, and catch snowflakes on our tongues. Each alluring vignette will have the whole family joyously envisioning nature’s many wonders. We will be filled with feelings of gratefulness when we close the cover and tuck in under the blanket of stars. —Tamarack Song, author of Becoming Nature, Whispers of the Ancients, and Entering the Mind of the Tracker

These sweet illustrations and gentle meditations pull you into the magical world of nature, where memories of childhood surface with love, and sparks of connection are ignited.  I am excited to use these meditations and activities in our children’s classes! —Heidi Huebner of Bluebird Hill Homestead, author of Peter & the Owl and Lily & the Fox

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