Sand and Toes

It is a warm and sunny day. Your toes are sinking into the soft sand. They are getting colder as you dig down with your big toes and then . . . kick! The sand goes flying, spraying your shoulders and out into the space around you, like shimmering stars. Each little grain of sand is like a star in the universe. Each grain of sand is the universe, but so tiny. You leap your whole body into the air, joining those universe stars. You race to the water, your feet thumping on the soft sand. Stomp, stomp, stomp, and splash! The water is cold. The sun is bright. You swim and the water carries you like a soft pillow. Swim, swim, swim, and stop. You are still. You stand in the water. You dig your toes into the sandy bottom. You have planted yourself. Nature begins to visit. First a leaf floats by, carrying some sunlight. Then a few fish look at your legs, a mystery to them (you are not food!) and swim on. You breathe. As you turn to shore, a dragonfly lands on your wrist. You lift it, and you are face to face. The dragonfly is looking at you. You are looking at the dragonfly. What are you both thinking? It winks and flies away. You wave. And then you hide, under the water, just for a moment. You swim back to shore, and then, step by step, soft sand and toes.