Circle of air

It is a bright and chilly day. You are outside at your favorite place. Look around you. Turning slowly, draw a circle with your eyes, around you as far as you can see. What do you see? Notice what parts of nature you can name. Notice what you do not know. Listen. What do you hear? What is the tiniest sound? Smell the richness around you. You sit down and touch the cold ground, feel its strength as it supports you. Consider the smallest organism underground, resting from all their summertime work of supporting the structure of this ground. Now look to the sky. Do you see clouds? Notice what else you see. And what is way way up, beyond your circle? Also consider what you do not see – the molecules in the air moving with the wind, bouncing from place to place, disappearing and reappearing. Feel your breath as part of this air. You breathe out and your breath travels. Put your hand on your heart. Breathe and pause. Stretch out your arms and give your love to this circle, this ground, the air, and the beyond. Notice the love come back to you.