Did you know that November has recently been declared National Gratitude Month?

Find out more: Information on how Gratitude Month started.

We receive so much; it is good to be grateful.

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the blessing you have accumulated throughout your life? All we are is because of what came before us. Consider your immediate past as well as your deep past. See all your family around you, those related by blood and those related by the heart. Take a moment to explore gratitude with the activity below.

Ancestral Tree:

Consider the stories of an ancient tree. We often use the branches of a tree to represent how the individuals in a family are related. The tree grows as our families grow. The root system is as vast as our ancestral history.

  1. Draw a tree including the roots.
  2. Who came before you? These are the roots.
  3. Who is your family now? This is the trunk.
  4. What gifts have they bestowed? These are the branches.
  5. How do you use/honor these gifts? These are the leaves?
  6. How do you give thanks? This is the air and soi