Invitation from nature

Have you ever taken a moment to close your eyes to remember a special place in nature that you loved as a child? What did it look like? How did it feel? What did you do there? Were there distinct smells? What was the light like? Were you alone or who was with you? Have you ever gone back as an adult?

One of those places for me was a rock. For a few summers I stayed at a cabin in the mountains. My sister and I would climb behind the cabin, up through the dry grasses and wild flowers, through cracks in big red rocks. The whole place was special, but the spot I most remember is a big rock we liked to sit on. We would climb through a crevice in the back, squeezing between more big rocks, to get to the look-out spot. And we sat there looking out at the valley and mountains. We could see so far! And we laughed, and ate crackers. It was safe. Beautiful. Fun. My heart reached out to everything.

How about you?

I long for nature in my life today. As an adult with a predictably busy life, I cherish those moments when time stands still. Nature does that for me. I am amazed by the beauty of a tree, a vast canyon, crashing waves, the tiniest rock, the song of a bird, and how in August I look up to the sunflowers in my backyard against the blue of the sky and am in awe. They sway in the breeze. Some fall over from their own heaviness. The bees attend to them in any case. Nature is happening all around us. In the country, city, down the highway, in our backyards, along the forest path, flowing in water, everywhere…

especially in our hearts.

If we listen to our hearts, we can hear nature calling us to be part of it, not separate. It asks us to join in.

On our Earth there is much devastation. And there is much beauty. We can see both worlds. We must see both. I encourage you to embrace the beauty, express gratitude, and give reverence to the Earth we share today. We will heal together.

Take your child’s hand and go into nature. Feel the breeze, notice the sparkling light, be with nature! Bless the spaces you love. Write about them. Create art. Talk about them. Dream about them. Think about them with both your mind and your heart. Share in the beauty that is here for us now.

What special place will you discover next?