Types of Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Some might include:

  • Concentration meditation: uses focus to achieve higher states of consciousness 
  • Mindfulness meditation: awareness and living in the moment
  • Contemplative meditation: aims to bring about change through prayer

Many Ways to See the Sun uses a type of meditation called guided imagery meditation. Guided imagery uses visualization to direct the reader or listener on a journey to inspire meaning. It involves the whole body, the emotions and all the senses, and it is precisely this body-based focus that makes for its powerful impact. (© Naparstek, 1994 and 2005)

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Some include: relaxation, healing, changing habits, improved mood, increased compassion, increased focus, enhanced learning or performance, enhanced creativity, connection with a higher power, decreased loneliness, reduced stress and anxiety, and well-being. (Jill Henry, 2004)

Guided imagery meditation works because of these three principles (© Naparstek, 1994):

  • Mind-body connection
  • Altered state
  • Locus of control

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