Awaken All Your Senses


Ah, winter… a season for the senses. At this time of year, when I step outside I can’t help but notice the bite of the wind or the chill through my jacket.  The coldness often keeps me inside by the fire, sipping tea.

Have you heard of forest bathing or forest therapy? I agree that being in the forest is like medicine, so healing – no matter what time of year. Next time I’m in the forest, I will think of it as a lovely bath. 🙂

But the indoors call me too. And so I am grateful for this guided meditation for awakening my senses in new ways while I’m warm and inside my cozy home.

Or, I might just simply sit in my comfy sofa and watch the fire as I sip my tea, enjoying the stillness.


Perhaps no matter what we decide to do with our beautifully gifted time, what is most important is to enjoy.  One way to enjoy is through the senses, and we can enhance our experience further by tuning into what we hear, see, smell, touch, and taste.

Many of the nature meditations in Many Ways to See the Sun are stories to awaken all your senses. The stories might even remind you of your own special moments in nature when you were enjoying.

Can you imagine yourself in nature…

It is quiet with just the scratching of the branches as you pass. (Dream, pg. 16)

You go to the flower and want to smell it. (Bee, pg. 26)

You see the dark clouds in the distant sky and also the brightness of the sun. (Rainbow, pg. 30)

You leap into the water, creating a wave, and then you collapse in the coldness. (The Wind Blows, pg 31)

Now it is snowing… you catch snowflakes on your tongue. (Hoot, pg. 48)

Crows black against the bluest sky. They are talkative and social. (Crows, pg. 49)

Feel your breath as part of this air. (Circle of Air, pg 53)

Happy healing. Happy sensing. And happy enjoying!