The wind blows

It is a hot and sunny day. Your clothes are sticking to you. You go outside in search for a swim. You are walking down a path to a lake you see it in the distance, it is sparkling. You start to run. You run into the water, creating a wave, and then splash, you collapse in the coldness. You splash and swim for a long time. You turn and float on your back and look up at the sky. You notice that the sun has gone and clouds are thick in the sky. The sky is greenish. You recognize that this is one of the many helpful signals from nature that all creatures need to find shelter from a pending storm. You quickly get out of the water and walk back down the path. The wind starts to blow, and leaves and dust are circling you. You come to a small hill and next to it is another hill, creating a little valley in between. It is the perfect shelter. You go there, and lie down. It is very windy, but you are safe. The ground cradles you. There are other creatures that have found shelter here too. At your feet you can feel soft fur. A rabbit is snuggled up against the hill. It peeks at you. You peek at the rabbit. There is whirling and whirling above your heads. it is loud and then suddenly, it stops. The sun begins to shine again, the clouds have quickly moved on. It is cooler now. You race back down the path to the lake. Now you are the tornado.