Bird message

It is a cool and breezy day. You are bundled up with your hat and mittens and scarf. You feel warm. You are walking along a path, trees on both sides. The leaves crunch under your feet. The sun is shining. You look up. The tree branches are bare and seem dark against the pale sky. You keep walking and walking. Notice the sounds all around you: the breeze whispers in your ear, your footsteps softly thud to the ground, there is a tiny sound of an animal scurrying, the trees creek gently. And then, the wind gusts like a message. You stop. A pile of leaves swirl and under them is a small red bird. It is lying on the ground. You go to it and it blinks at you. It is scared of you and tries to move its wings, but it is tangled. You sing a lullaby to the bird. You gently peel away the tangles. Once it is free, it lays there for a moment, and looks at you. It sings back to you, and hops away. It stops to ruffle a bit and then uses its beak to smooth its feathers. It looks at you once more, then flies away, up up to a tree, and then swoops down away out of sight. You touch your heart with your hand and wave goodbye. You continue walking, whistling softly to the forest, telling all that you are a friend.