Nature Workbook for Kids

I’m working on a nature workbook for kids. It has stories and activities from Many Ways to See the Sun along with some of the illustrations to color and other ideas for children to engage in nature. It is in draft form and is free to download. Here are directions for printing and ideas for binding the workbook:

  1. Download MWTSTS workbook
  2. Print
    1. Use 8 1/2 by 11 size paper.
    2. It is best printed double sided, but can be single sided too.
    3. It is 24 pages.
    4. Landscape layout.
  3. Add a cover
    1. Choose a decorative paper of your choice, cut to 8 1/2 by 11 1/2.
    2. Add to the bottom of workbook, as the last page, with 1/2 inch folded over to the line on the left margin.
  4.  Bind
    1. The simplest way to bind the workbook is to staple two or three times on the line at the left margin.
    2. It can also be hole-punched and hand bound on the left margin. TUTORIAL
    3. Or create your own fancy binding.
  5. Fold
    1. Folding the workbook is optional.
    2. If you choose to fold the workbook keep in mind that it is meant to be folded asymmetrically; fold in the middle so the right margin edge meets up with the  line at left margin on the cover.
  6. Enjoy!
    1. The workbook is folded to be compact for carrying.
    2. Unfold to the 8 1/2 by 11 size when using the workbook.

Cover Twig Colorized