I’ve been knee-deep in self promotion since I’ve self-published. It doesn’t always come naturally, but I’ve been surprised at the ideas and opportunities that come up.

I’m still very small potatoes. And that’s great. But I’ve been inspired to share what I’ve learned from this journey so far.

Teaching is one of my passions so I’m thrilled to be teaching a self-publishing class at the Loft. My first class was last June, and I have another coming up in January.

I’m also starting to do a bit of consulting.

My excitement for this new venture has bubbled from how wonderful it has been to meet writers and hear about their projects. I’m wondering if you, reader, might have a project in the cooker! I believe that we all have a story to tell.

One nugget I was surprised to learn from some of the Loft class attendees was that they had already published traditionally but were now wanting to go the self-publishing route. I keep hearing more and more how much the world of publishing is changing. This traditional publishing mixed in with self-publishing even has a name. According to a Bowker blog post, this is called Hybrid Authorship.


In January, I will be offering my self-publishing class again at The Loft. I’m sure I will continue to learn a lot. Maybe see you there too!