We are all scientist, dear readers!

According to librarians, I’m like Albert Einstein.

Last November I participated in a local author event at the the Rum River Library in Anoka, MN. My book has been available at the Anoka County Library since then. I recently looked up my book on the online catalog and was surprised to find that it is cataloged in the nonfiction section with call number 508. The 500s subject area is science. So, my little book is stacked among an impressive group of authors – like astronomer Carl Sagan, marine biologist Rachel Carson, naturalist Charles Darwin, and mathematicians Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein! Wow!

The specific subject for 508 is natural history. This includes observation as well as more measured approaches to studying science. So although I’ve never considered myself a scientist, somehow my little book fits there, and this is why. I grouped the stories in Many Ways to See the Sun by the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter — each of these stories is an observation of the natural world. Thank you librarians!!!

I love that these nature meditations are tucked into the 500s. It is fun to see science and the imaginative co-mingling. And thank you, dear readers, for playing with me as we watch and see what this little book wants to be.